The Camino de Santiago

500+ Miles on foot. France to Spain, via the Camino Frances. 

Our “Planned” Route for the Camino Frances

Who We Are

Lainey Silver

Lainey is a (badass) swing dance teacher and performer in Brooklyn. When she’s not swinging out on the dance floor, you can find her hiking, drinking delicious cocktails, or hanging upside down in circus class.


    • Summiting Mount Kilimanjaro
    • Waltzing in the Hofburg Palace (Vienna)
    • Fist pumping in Ibiza
    • Witnessing the 2014 Ukraine Revolution
    • Teaching swing dance in Helsinki and Athens (not at the same time obvi)
    • Kissed a stingray right on the lips in Grand Cayman

    Lainey’s traveled to 30+ countries. She loves jamon and hates cliche bios. She’s rad. Fin.

    Shawn Forno

    Shawn is a travel writer for Tortuga Backpacks, videographer, cocktail aficionado, podcast producer, and copywriter. Lefty Scissors is actually his website, so thanks for stopping by!


    • Driving a vespa from Florence to Milan
    • Plowing a rickshaw 2,000 miles across India
    • Paddling the Hudson River in a paper canoe
    • Living in a van in New Zealand for a year
    • Surfing in Puerto Escondido, Hawaii, and Bali
    • Iceland. Just…all of Iceland

    Shawn has traveled to 40+ countries, and dreams of one day owning a moped and a houseboat at the same time #hopefloats. 

    Shawn’s Instagram

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