India Rickshaw Run

On April 1st we set out from Jaisalmer, India in a 7hp Rickshaw. Over the next two weeks we’ll head down the west coast, through deserts, beaches, ruins, forts, wineries (woo!), and cities like Goa and Mumbai, finally arriving in Cochin, on the southern coast.

But we’re not just doing this for us. We’re raising money for the Cool Earth Rainforest Alliance.


Shawn Forno

Brooklyn, NY 

Team Writer & Videographer

Shawn is a travel writer for Tortuga Backpacks, podcast producer, and copywriter. Lefty Scissors is actually his website, so thanks for stopping by!

Travel Highlights Include:

  • Driving a moped from Florence to Milan
  • Paddling the Hudson River in a paper canoe
  • Living in a van in New Zealand for a year
  • Hiking the Camino de Santiago. Twice.
  • Surfing in Puerto Escondido, Hawaii, and Bali
  • Iceland. Just…all of Iceland

Shawn has traveled to 40+ countries, and dreams of one day owning a moped and a houseboat at the same time #hopefloats. 


San Francisco, CA

Team Social Media Manager & Currency Expert

Jarrod is an events manager for the San Francisco 49ers at the beautiful, Levi Stadium. Seriously. Check out his Instagram. It’s insane.

Travel Highlights Include:

  • Driving a moped from Florence to Milan
  • Learning Italian from his cousins in Lake Como
  • Bungee jumping at the world’s first commercial site in Queenstown, NZ
  • Climbing (part) of the Great Pyramid of Giza
  • Eating goat balls on the streets of Shanghai

Jarrod has traveled around the world. Literally. He day dreams of sinking Shawn’s houseboat and hopes the moped will be onboard. #noped

The Team Story

Team Name: “The Morning Commute”

Jarrod and Shawn met back in 2008 while running a “legal” hostel in Rome, Italy. It was grimy, it was sketchy, and it was the best experience ever.

Since those fateful months abroad Jarrod and Shawn have embarked on numerous adventures together including:

  • Driving the Ring Road in Iceland
  • Zipping from Tuscany to Lake Como on mopeds
  • Learning Muay Thai in Phuket
  • Circumnavigating the globe from New Zealand to Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, India (yeah, we’ve been there), all over Europe, and back home to the States.

Between the two of them, they have over two decades of international adventure travel experience, and about two weeks of automotive know-how, so this should be awesome.

The Rickshaw Run: What is It Exactly?

This “unroute” across the entire country of India (north to south) is a trip of a lifetime—even for a couple of jaded travel junkies like us! We can’t wait to see and experience everything India has to show us, and we’re thrilled you’re going to follow along as we bravely explore this beautiful country at 10 miles an hour.

Here Are Just Some of the Places We Plan to Visit on the 2017 Rickshaw Run

Social Media

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